Thursday, January 21, 2010

Date Night To Come

It's been a pretty hectic 2 weeks. Chancho and I haven't seen a lot of one another, except for the few precious moments here and there. Not a lot of quality time. I'm itching to have some alone time to catch up and reconnect. Perhaps tonight will satisfy that itch, but most likely, I'll have to wait til tomorrow. I've put Chancho in charge of creating this date night. He really only needs to call and make reservations, but we all know that sometimes that can be too much.
We received a gift certificate from our dear friend Zach's parents for the holidays. It's to a restaurant called Alaroma. We both have never been, but it's right down the road from Chancho's place. Figured we'd give it a shot, plus how can we pass up a free meal?? From looking at the website, it seems to be an Italian restaurant and we must have driven past it at least a hundred times. Hopefully it can turn into a good night with dressing up and ending with a movie. And on that note....Chancho did decide to delete the Netflix account. I was devastated to find this out. I watch movies online all the time from there and I am addicted to the seasons of Law and Order SVU. I had been watching it from the beginning and only made it to the end of season 2. We'll be renting from the RedBox instead now. It is a lot cheaper (dollar a night!), but not convenient. I think he secretly didn't want to watch the movies I put on the list. They'd just show up and he'd have no say in them. At least now we have to have a discussion about which movie we'll be watching or a good old fashion game of rock, paper, scissors will suffice.

I'm starting to feel a lot better. I have most of my energy back. I'm still coughing up my lungs here and there and my nose is running all over the place, but I can get out of bed and do what I need to do. I was lucky to make it to work and back again without making a mess of myself.

Listening to: "The Joker" unplugged by Steve Miller
Quote of the Day: “Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.  If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter which fork you use.” ― Emily Post


  1. I hear you about needing the date night to reconnect. I am so excited for our date tomorrow night that I could just pee my pants. ;)

    Enjoy your night tonight. Don't let your runny nose get in the way. :)

  2. Being sick sucks, feel better soon.

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  3. I found your blog on the follow friday linky. Love it! I hope date night goes well. And kudos for getting your man to make some plans! My hubby 'plans' a date by waiting til we're in the car to say 'so what do YOU want to do?' Ugh.

    Feel better!

  4. Stopping by from Friday Follow! Happy Friday!

  5. Enjoy your date night!

    Stopping by from Follow Friday! I'm a follower now :)

  6. hi following you from Friday Follow,haha just kidding,i already stalk you!
    have fun and hope your nose doesnt get in the way!

  7. New follower from Friday follow!

    Have a great night and hope u brought lots of kleenex!

  8. I'm a new follower from Friday Follow! Cute blog!

    Feel better soon!