Friday, January 8, 2010

Only a few mishaps

Tonight was the first official babysitting night. I had been over a few times to allow "Buster" to adjust to me. He is the sweetest 7 1/2 month old baby boy. He's got blond hair and wide blue eyes. He is starting to get in 2 teeth on the bottom. It was the parents anniversary tonight so I was called in to watch over. It went very very well.

The night started out with us playing with a million of his toys, all of which make noise. He is very active so he wasn't entertained very long with any certain toy. He is dying to crawl, but just hasn't grasped that concept yet. He's humping the floor more than anything. The parents left and we decided it was time to dance. I played a few songs from Owl City and he loved it. He started bouncing away. I'm sure in his mind, he was dancing quite nicely. I fed him his bottle in hopes that it would fill him up and he would start to get sleepy. Not the case. (He was napping when I arrived at 6:30pm) We played some more, while the dog was pacing around the house. He giggled and squealed, as the dog walked around the dinning room table. We clapped hands, sang songs and changed a poopy diaper, as the dog walked from the kitchen to the bedroom and back. We danced some more and played airplane and then I saw the dog peeing on the living room carpet. I don't have a dog, never have, but I always thought that dogs go near the door or bark or do something more significant to let you know they need to go out. I will give her her age as an excuse, she's quite old and has cancer, but I hope in the future, she will tell me before just going.

Buster would not fall asleep as the hours ticked away. I was starting to get nervous that he wouldn't wind down at all. I attempted to put him to bed twice, but he would not have it. I finally turned on the white noise, shut the lights off, turned the mobile on and rocked him back and forth for a good half hour. He finally got to sleep. Once he let the sleep take over he was out cold. His parents were home a half hour later.

They gave me a future schedule. It will consist of 12 hour days and I'm looking forward to them. Never thought I'd say that about taking care of kids, but I guess this first night didn't scare me off so I'll come back.

Quote of the Day: "She was the arm that held him close in times of trouble, she was the whisper on the pillow beside him at night." -Nicholas Sparks "The Choice"

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