Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well Worth The Wait

Date night went extremely well. In fact, the entire day went well. We were busy all day. Chancho had a few errands to run so we did them together. Gotta make the most out of our time. In amongst our travelings across town and back, I wound up having to drive Tank. Tank is what Chancho refers to his Honda Pilot as. I had said previously that I wouldn't drive it on the street until I felt comfortable enough to, but the occasion arose that I needed to and I managed just fine. I was being such a baby. My favorite feature, is the camera that turns on when you put the car in reverse.

But anyways onto dinner. We at Alaroma. It is a quaint little restaurant. It's a casual, but neat setting. Definitely a family restaurant. There were a lot of families there with older children. The food was delicious. It is prepared fresh just like their website said. I ordered the lasagna and it was great! I was able to bring some home for lunch today. Chancho had chicken with pasta in Alfredo sauce. For dessert, Chancho ate chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. I had a cannoli with whipped cream. It wasn't too badly priced either, especially with our gift certificate we only spent $15 out of our own pockets or I should say Chancho's pocket. However, we both decided it wouldn't be a place that we'd go back to. We didn't like their selection of food. I'm not sure if it's just because I'm not huge fan of Italian food or if it they really didn't have that many options. Either way, it's been tried, we liked it, but on to something else.

The next movie that we were supposed to watch from Netflix before Chancho canceled the membership was 4 Christmases. (My pick) It arrived in the mail, but he had to send it back right away before he got charged for it. I was really disappointed and made him promise that we would watch it eventually. I think he figured that he could get away with not watching it because when will there be a Christmas movie in the RedBox after Christmas? Welll we stopped by the RedBox for our movie after dinner and low and behold there was 4 Christmases. Turns out, Chancho enjoyed and I had already watched it, in theaters no less, when it had first come out. I had completely forgotten. After all that fuss about NEEDING to watch it and I had already seen it. At least it was a good one.

Tonight we have plans again, just us so far, but we're thinking of practicing our skills at Taboo. It's a fun game that we sometimes play when we get together with our friends and because there is sometimes a language barrier for Chancho, we figured we'd practice on our own time.

Listening to: "I Just Love You" by Five For Fighting

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  1. I keep wanting to rent 4 Christmases and I keep forgetting.

    I love Taboo. So much fun.